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Disappointed by some restrictions (e.g., limited lines, sexual context) imposed by the print media, people are now moving to Web-based classified ads (e.g., AOL) and chatting servers (e.g., MNM).Most online chat servers recommend registering chatters’ information such as name, birth date, age, gender, hobby and comments.

We collected data from 64 different countries, but the majority of chatters come from the U. The value of electronic commerce transactions was approximately US billion in 1997.ABSTRACT - The World Wide Web has the potential to change much about human behavior and human interactions. Web-based chatting behavior is one example, and it is the focus of our study. The Internet provides both firms and consumers ith new methods for communication.Web-based chatting behavior is one example, and it is the focus of our study. Using content analysis of a multi-cultural data set of 1,348 chatters, we explore several critical factors associated with online chat behavior. In this study, we provide an illustrative description of chatters, and we explore cultural differences between the U. For instance, the Internet provides consumers with access to rich new information sources and with the potential to make better-informed decisions.Web-based chat provides fully interactive communication. This type of online chat uses real-time communication beyond the traditional Internet relay chat.Currently, chat applications range from simple text-based chat to entirely virtual chat spaces.

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Similarly, they can talk with someone who has similar interests based on their comments (i.e., their personal ads).

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