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Or maybe you need to see a terminal map to see where your airline's gate is.

The historical presence of the San in Botswana is particularly evident in northern Botswana's Tsodilo Hills region.

Women have a high status in San society, are greatly respected, and may be leaders of their own family groups.

They make important family and group decisions and claim ownership of water holes and foraging areas.

Each of these terms has a problematic history, as they have been used by others to refer to them, often with pejorative connotations.

Representatives of the people from WIMSA and the South African San Institute attending the 2003 Africa Human Genome Initiative conference held in Stellenbosch reiterated that they prefer to be described by either their individual group names or the collective term San.

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  1. Lewis also recounts how she self-medicated with alcohol and sex before finally being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in 1989.'Just as alcoholism isn’t really about the liquor, my addiction wasn’t really about the sex.