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When certain of heritage, you are free to call the different residents as follows: English, Scot, Welsh or Irish.While the four countries share many customs, each has its own set of traditions and history.A handshake is the common form of greeting, but try to avoid prolonged eye contact, as it may make people feel ill at ease.Use last names and appropriate titles until specifically invited to use first names.Do not stand too close to another person or put your arm around someone's shoulder.When it comes to clothes, there are no limits and restrictions on how to dress.Just make sure that you respect the general rules when in formal situations.

If you receive a written invitation to an event that says "RSVP", you should respond to the sender as soon as possible, whether you are going to attend or not.

When first meeting a Brit, he or she may seem reserved and cold, but that is just an impression.

In reality, they are very friendly and helpful to foreigners.

Give flowers, chocolates, wine, champagne or books.

Feel free to express your gratitude and delight with the visit on the next day with a note or a telephone call.

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Do not wear a blazer to work -- it is country or weekend wear.

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