Dating shy insecure guy

Don't assume you know what he's talking about or doing if you haven't asked him ever.

Assuming things is a quick way to make yourself look like an idiot.

Don't buy things for him without asking what he likes.If you’ve ever read a magazine, watched a movie or TV show, or gone online for advice, then you already know that one thing that will definitely scare guys off is telling them you love them way too soon. But are there other ways you could be freaking him out without even realizing it? Everyone is different of course, but in general, there are certain things that will probably scare away most males.In fact, most of these things would probably scare off females too!I often find it build the excitement more to see someone after a week and properly catch up, instead of having a constant news cycle of their text messages to keep me updated on their movements every day.I prefer to be someone who has a few messages back and forth, and then says, “I better get back to work now, but can’t wait to see your face this weekend! But I think there’s a lot to be gained by saving some conversations for meeting in-person.

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