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with electro-robo music etc.) I'd have loved him to have given her, 'Avalon', this year's most gorgeous deep pop-house tune he co-wrote/produced for Juliet.

Mentioned this dude, Paul Watson before ever so briefly here.

Major props and respect again as I dipped into BBC Four's 'Paul Watson Night' last night that included a documentary on him, 'Representing Reality? Paul made some interesting comments on today's 'Reality TV', particularly 'Big Brother' which he reckons doesn't get under the skin of people enough.

Not the first time, Paul's spoken out on this subject and it seems the US public's interest is possibly waning.

) and introducing me to El Steve 'SPEC' Mannion (designer of this very site) etc. What about another recent 'cult' film, Donnie Darko that continues to create message board mania with geeks and normal cinema-goers scratching their heads with bewilderment on its 'meaning' - did it get a harsh slating? Forums like IMDB's still throb with queries on 2 other personal fave flicks, Jacob's Ladder & Angel Heart; both gaining positive props not negative knocks.

Then, after he delightfully demanded an introduction to my girlfriend Kate, he kissed her hand and I feared another Boujis moment!!! Just before jumping on the decks (actually, 2 x CDJ-1000s), Madonna and I enthused about her new album's Producer, Stuart Price (aka LRD, aka Jacques Lu Cont, aka the man behind that Citroen ad.As Eddy & I were doing it on those legendary Sunday 2PM shows (pic.above), Boom was the on-line mirror, supporting everything from the Cargo club night we put on and special broadcasts like the Oasis one that got a mighty thumbs up from our kid, Noel G himself.(Pictured below: left 'the_dr', middle 'James Hyman', far right, 'Pojmasta' at All-City Night, October 2003) 20 September, 7PM - Leicester Square's Odeon - yours truly the Rinsemaster treads red carpet with Mavis (above/far right), Kate (above/far left), George (above right on left), Craig, Victoria & the Shrapnels for Revolver World Premiere. ) In a nave, unfeasible scenario, imagine a 2-week embargo on film critics/reviews until after initial release i.e.Some critics have found the film confusing and difficult; well, I find that lazy journalism and/or another personal dig at Guy Ritchie. Sorry, but how many David Lynch films are easy to get? judge/decide on your own merits not several other people's with their own media-agenda(s) - flip da scrip!!

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