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“For me, it was almost like being kind of stabbed in the back.

So it is not a stretch to have Golding play Nick Young if you agree with my first point. Isn’t the main purpose of our fight and struggles to see better representation in a mainstream film?Aren’t we meant to strive together for something bigger than these boundaries that we’re putting on ourselves instead of bullying each other?’” Besides, he says, he felt that to critique exactly how Asian someone was made for an argument that could never be won.With a date set for the theater release of CRAZY RICH ASIANS, which is August 17, 2018, the excitement and momentum is starting to build.I for one am extremely excited for this film for the primary reason that I will be seeing pretty much a full cast which looks like myself – yes just about the entire cast are Asian.

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There’s no outcry when the Australian Russell Crowe plays an American character or the British Kate Winslet plays German or the American Robert Downey Jr.

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