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He was able to A/B test profile pictures to find one that garnered more matches, and because of the sheer volume of matches and messages his bot was generating, was able to give rough percentages of how many messages it takes to get a woman to reply (the majority, 43 percent, responded after one), and how many women just went ahead and sent the first message (about 11 percent).A phone app saved all new numbers his bot requested, and from there would send text messages and arrange dates.She said: “The question is not ‘when will it become acceptable’ but ‘when will we integrate’.“We are able to have so many colours on our sexual pallet now; I think we’d be daft not explore them.”The potential impact of sex robots raises a number of questions about the ethics of the relationships between the machines and their human partners.Questions have emerged about how much data robots are allowed to collect about their human partners, as well as whether the robots are going to be primarily passive partners or whether they will entice humans to have sex.Like he set up coffee dates only (they're cheaper), arranged for Ubers for dates who lived far away, and arranged up to three dates in a day. But in the name of finding someone to love, Stadil went for it. Others he clicked with disappeared, or had interest in him when he had none in them. He said he could tell she was special right off the bat, and therefore broke the routine of coffee shop dates to take her to Golden Gate park.He also had a spreadsheet, he wrote, so he wouldn't mix up details of his date's lives. "I once asked a girl who had spent the entire first date telling me a very sad story about her being an orphan," Stadil wrote. On the fourth date, he said he wanted to tell her he liked her."I was now dating at scale, I could handle the influx of new leads," Stadil wrote. He didn't."I went on 150 first dates but didn't manage to find the One," he wrote "Most of the first dates led to nothing: we didn't have much in common."But my goal wasn't to fuck around, I was here to find that special someone."To make his process more efficient (the name of the game here), Stadil had some policies in place for dating. Dating at scale doesn't go well with well fitting areas of interests."Most of Stadil's dates resulted in little to no chemistry. "When your customer goes for a competing, more compelling product, you're never told and you don't get any feedback. As such, you never know what you did wrong."Stadil did have one compelling first date (and then second, third, and fourth date) with a woman who worked for Google.

How does someone make finding their One True Love, the future carrier of their children, a quick priority?

Stadil gave an example of what those conversations looked like: Stadil: "Bonjour !

I read your profile and think we might get along; want to grab coffee some time next week?

"On our second date, I asked her how her parents were doing. If you're reading this, I apologize."All this coding and bot messaging resulted in 150 dates over the course of four months — that's more than a date per day for four straight months. On the fifth date, she confided that she wasn't ready for a relationship. Because his bot opened up the possibility of meeting so many people each week, he developed an interest in meeting everyone.

But it's hard to form human connections when you're dating for volume, rather than genuine interest.

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Devices on the market - such as Rocky or Roxxxy True Companion - are currently priced at around £7,000, but as the technology behind them develops they are expected to become more affordable in coming years.

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  1. A 10-15 minute conversation on the phone might reveal that you can’t stand her voice, or that she talks way too much, or that she is too uptight and can’t take the most innocent joke, or she disagrees with you on something that’s very important to you.